Golf Cart Dimensions: Standard Dimensions by Seats & Brands

golf cart dimensions

If you were looking for golf cart dimensions then your search ends here A golf cart becomes a necessary ally when it comes to moving around the golf course in comfort and style. Golf carts provide players with transportation as well as comfort and convenience. To make sure you pick the proper car that perfectly suits your demands, it is essential to grasp the size of these vehicles. This in-depth tutorial will delve into the world of golf cart dimensions, explaining the nuances and significance of choosing a cart that properly suits your busy lifestyle on the greens.

Deciphering Golf Cart Dimensions

Golf carts are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations, all of which are intended to satisfy diverse tastes and needs. Making an educated choice regarding which golf cart best meets your needs requires knowledge of a golf cart’s dimensions. The main parameters you should pay attention to are width, length, and seating capacity.

Exploring Golf Cart Dimensions And Detailed Comparison

Golf Cart dimensions

Let’s examine common golf cart models’ dimensions:

YamahaDrive 2 Fleet247 in (120 cm)94 in (238 cm)
YamahaDrive 2 Concierge447 in (120 cm)128 in (325 cm)
YamahaDrive 2 Concierge647 in (120 cm)161 in (409 cm)
EZGOExpress S2249.5 in (124 cm)97 in (246 cm)
EZGOLiberty448 in (122 cm)107 in (271 cm)
EZGOExpress L6649 in (125 cm)144 in (364 cm)
Club CarOnward 2 Passenger248 in (122 cm)92 in (234 cm)
Club CarOnward Lifted 4449 in (125 cm)114 in (290 cm)
Club CarOnward Lifted 6649 in (125 cm)143 in (363 cm)
golf cart dimensions

(Note: Depending on the specific model, the stated dimensions should be confirmed.)

  • Golf carts differ in terms of width, length, seating capacity, and style, as seen in the table. Understanding these measurements enables you to make an informed decision, whether you’re looking for a little option for two or an extended utility cart for bigger parties.

The Significance of Golf Cart Dimensions

On-Course Maneuverability

A golf cart’s breadth has a significant impact on how maneuverable it is on the course. Your whole experience will be improved by a narrower cart’s ability to easily maneuver through confined areas and tiny passageways. This is particularly helpful for navigating the course, avoiding hazards, and making sure you’re always on the right path.

Seating Capacity and Comfort

How many players a golf cart can hold depends directly on how many seats it has. If you frequently play golf with a group of friends or family, choosing a cart with more seats is crucial. To guarantee that you can easily and without any obstacles travel through the course, it’s crucial to balance this with the total dimensions of the cart.

Storage and Transportation

In addition to being utilized on the course, golf carts may also need to be moved or stored while not in use. It’s important to know the dimensions when deciding how and where to store your cart. Additionally, being aware of the dimensions ensures a seamless fit and hassle-free transportation if you intend to move your golf cart using a trailer or a truck.

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Tailoring Your Choice with Golf Cart Dimensions

Your preferences and needs should be taken into account while selecting a golf cart. A narrower cart might be appropriate if maneuverability is important to you. If you frequently play golf with a group, though, a cart with more seats is preferable. Also take into account the storage space you have, as this will affect the size that your cart can be.


A key consideration when choosing the ideal vehicle to join you on the greens is the golf cart’s dimensions. You can choose a cart that meets your tastes and needs by being aware of the width, length, and seating capacity of various cart possibilities. The proportions of a golf cart have a big impact on how you play golf, regardless of whether you value comfort, mobility, or storage convenience. In order to ensure a smooth ride and a pleasurable game, start your next round of golf knowing that you have discovered the secrets of golf cart dimensions.

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How many inches wide is a golf cart?

golf cart dimensions

A standard golf cart is typically around 48 inches wide. This measurement is consistent for most two-passenger golf carts. It ensures that the cart can comfortably fit on golf course paths and navigate around the course without causing congestion or interfering with other golfers. Golf carts are designed with this width to strike a balance between stability and maneuverability while providing golfers with a convenient means of transportation during their rounds.

How many feet is a standard golf cart?

golf cart dimensions

A standard golf cart typically measures about 8 feet in length. This length allows for the seating of two passengers comfortably and provides ample space for golf bags and equipment. Golf carts are designed to be compact enough to navigate the narrow pathways of golf courses efficiently while providing golfers with a convenient means of transportation during their rounds.

Will a golf cart fit in a 4×8 trailer?

golf cart dimensions

Yes, a standard golf cart will usually fit in a 4×8 trailer. Golf carts are typically around 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, which aligns well with the dimensions of a 4×8 trailer. However, it’s essential to ensure that the trailer is in good condition and has proper tie-downs or restraints to secure the golf cart during transportation to prevent any damage or accidents.

What are the dimensions of a club car onward golf cart?

golf cart dimensions

The dimensions of a Club Car Onward golf cart can vary slightly depending on the specific model and configuration. However a typical Club Car Onward golf cart is approximately 106 inches (8.8 feet) in length 47 inches (3.9 feet) in width and 76 inches (6.3 feet) in height. These dimensions provide ample space for passengers and golf bags while ensuring maneuverability on golf courses and other terrains. It’s important to check the exact specifications for the particular model you are interested in, as there may be variations in size and features.

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