If you were looking for tiger woods putting grip then your search ends here .Tiger Woods is a great example of technique, accuracy, and mastery on the green when it comes to golf superstars. His putting technique, which is one of the most important components of his game, is at the core of which is his special putting grip. This thorough instruction will delve into Tiger Woods’ putting grip, examining its subtleties and equipping you with the knowledge you need to take your putting to the next level.

tiger woods putting grip

Understanding the Importance of Putting Grip

The act of putting is frequently referred to as a game within a game since it calls for accuracy, finesse, and a steady nerve. The grip, which serves as the basis for controlled and repeatable putts, is the foundation of a successful putting stroke. Tiger Woods’ putting grip is a method that has helped him succeed and has also emerged as a role model for wannabe golfers looking to better their game on the greens.

tiger woods putting grip

The Tiger Woods Putting Grip: A Closer Look

The typical grips you might encounter on the course are different from Tiger Woods’ putting grip. This hold, called the “interlocking grip,” entails tying the pinky finger of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand together. A cohesive and secure grasp is created by this connection, which supports a fluid and rhythmic stroke. The hands function as one cohesive unit, improving control over the putt’s direction and pace.

Breaking Down the Steps

Take these actions to emulate Tiger Woods’ putting grip:               

Hand Position:

To begin, put your left hand on the putter grip. Place your left thumb just to the right of the grip’s center. Bring your right hand into action next, locking your pinky finger with your left hand’s index finger.


Make sure your forearms and putter are aligned so that they make a straight line. This alignment aids in keeping your putting stroke’s path steady.

Grip Pressure:

Keep your grip pressure light. An excessive amount of strain can make your stroke less flowing. Continue to maintain control while keeping your hands at ease.

Ball Position:

For right-handed golfers, place the golf ball slightly forward in your stance, nearer to your left foot. This enables a precise and clean contact with the ball.

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The Benefits of the Tiger Woods Putting Grip

Improved Control: The interlocking grip establishes a united link between your hands and the putter, encouraging a controlled and smooth stroke.


By maintaining a steady grip, you’re better able to keep your stroke tempo constant, which produces more predictable results.

Reduced Tension:

The form of the grip makes it easier to relax your hands and wrists, which results in a more relaxed and fluid putting motion.

Better Accuracy:

The solid grip enables fine control over the clubface, leading to putts that are more accurate.

tiger woods putting grip

Practicing the Tiger Woods Putting Grip

Practice is necessary to achieve the Tiger Woods putting grip. Here are some pointers to help you get the hang of this method:

Start Slowly:

To become accustomed to the grip, start with short putts. Work your way up to longer putts as your confidence grows.

Mirror Work:

To make sure that your grip is constant throughout your stroke, practice in front of a mirror.

Feel the Connection:

Focus on sensing the connection between your hands and the putter as you swing it. The secret to a successful Tiger Woods grip is this cohesion.


As you putt, picture Tiger’s precise and fluid motion. You can imitate his method by using this mental image.

Conclusion: Your Path to Putting Excellence

The Tiger Woods putting grip is a path to excellence in putting, not just a method. You can use a technique that has been honed by one of the best golfers of all time by using this particular grip. As you practice this grip, keep in mind that persistence and practice are key. You can transform your putting game and achieve the results you’ve been aiming for with commitment and the advice provided in this tutorial.

If you practice with the Tiger Woods putting grip, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your confidence, accuracy, and putting performance as a whole. Keep in mind that a legendary grip can be your key to legendary putts as you approach the green.

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What grip does Tiger Woods use putting?

tiger woods putting grip

Tiger Woods is known for using a traditional reverse-overlap grip when putting. In this grip the left hand is placed above the right hand (for a right-handed golfer) and the fingers of the left hand overlap the fingers of the right hand. It’s a common and effective grip style for putting that provides stability and control, allowing golfers to have a consistent and smooth stroke on the greens.

How does Rory McIlroy grip his putter?

tiger woods putting grip

Rory McIlroy employs a cross-handed or left-hand low putting grip. This grip involves placing the left hand lower on the putter grip (for a right-handed golfer), with the right hand higher. It’s a technique used by some golfers to improve their putting stroke’s stability and control, particularly for short putts. McIlroy’s choice of this grip style reflects his personal preference for consistency and accuracy on the greens.

Does Tiger Woods use overlap grip?

tiger woods putting grip

Yes Tiger Woods commonly employs the overlap grip also known as the Vardon grip for his full swing shots. In this grip the pinky finger of the trailing hand right hand for a right-handed golfer overlaps the index finger of the lead hand left hand for a right handed golfer. This grip provides control and power for his full swings and is one of the most widely used grip styles among professional golfers. However for putting as mentioned earlier he uses the traditional reverse-overlap grip.

Did Tiger Woods have a strong grip?

tiger woods putting grip

No Tiger Woods did not have a particularly strong grip. He used a neutral grip, which means his hands were positioned on the club in a way that was neither too strong turned to the right for a right-handed golfer nor too weak turned to the left. This balanced grip allowed him versatility and control over his shots, adapting to various golf situations and improving his overall performance throughout his career.

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